I’ve been cycling off and on over the years.  In April 2009 I started up again in an effort to lose 50lbs.  At 6’7″ I began resembling an NFL lineman and my blood pressure was in the high range.  A little over a  year  and over 4000 miles later, I’m down over 50 lbs.   My next goal is to improve my riding level and begin racing in 2011 in the Driveway Series.  I’m aiming to improve every aspect of my riding.

For me, cycling is both therapy and my main fitness activity.  When I’m healthy, I try to ride at least 125 miles a week.  I’m always looking for riding partners and I love participating in group rides, especially if there’s a party at the end. 

I recently upgraded my ride to a 2008 Trek Madone 5.1.  I still have my 13 year old Lemond Buenos Aires.

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a while now, but struggled coming up with a name.  I wanted to credit my friend Darryl for the idea for Giant On My Bike along with Tim and Ray for the motivation to start this blog.


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