Final Follow Friday Shoutout for 2010

As I mentioned previously, I’ve met some pretty cool cyclists this past year, mostly as a result of twitter.  There’s a few more that I follow, but haven’t been able to ride with yet and I hope to meet some of them next year out on the bike.  And there’s some cool supporters and enablers of cycling on this list as well.

  • @Allison_Peacock –  the queen bee organizer of the social cycling scene in Austin TX.  If you want to meet other cyclists, find her, follow her and pretty soon you’ll know everyone.
  • @AssistLance – his commercials always make me laugh.
  • @andy_schleck – you never know what he’s gonna say (as the guys at @StomachOfAnger can appreciate), but it’ll always be genuine.  How can you not love this guy?
  • @atxcontador – another fun ride buddy who never backs away from a challenge.
  • @AustinCyclist – one of my fun twitter friends. Hopefully I’ll get to ride with him in 2011.
  • @austinon2wheels – One of the best resources to find out what’s going on cycling-wise in Austin TX.  Check out their event calendar, if there’s a ride, it’s posted there.
  • @AustinCycling – Austin Cycling Association organizes quite a few rides and is one of the better cycling organizations.
  • @BambooCyclist – he’s riding around the USA on a wooden bike…what else can I say?
  • @bekindtocyclists – as the name implies, they’re all about promoting a kinder gentler environment for cyclists.
  • @bikerly – he runs, he bikes and he loves beer. Co-conspirator of #bikeschool and all-around funny guy.  I hope to sneak in a ride with him when he’s down for the Austin Marathon.
  • @bikenoob – Ray’s one of the most interesting people I’ve met this year.  I really enjoy riding with him.  Check out his latest venture Texas CEO Magazine.
  • @bobkeroll – the Rodney Dangerfield of cycling.  Fun commentator and somebody I want to meet.
  • @CarleAldrete – he rides and drinks beer.  I love that combination.  I finally got to meet Carle on a ride today.  I hope to see him again on the road in 2011.
  • @cyberjunkie21 – he rides and is one of my motivators to try a triathlon.  I look forward to riding more with him in 2011.
  • @DeeDee315 – she’s one of the coolest cycling volunteer organizers.  I love that she gets to travel to many of the top cycling events.  What a cool job.  I’m so jealous.
  • @egggman – what can I say, the dude rides fixie in the snow in Canada – mucho respect!  #bikeschool co-conspirator.  He’s got me thinking about building up a fixie.
  • @familyonbikes – she’s leading her family on the adventure of a lifetime.  The memories they are making will be second to none.  Very cool!
  • @fitcityleblanc – my favorite columnist for the American Statesman and all around fitness advocate.  She’s definitely part of what makes Austin so cool.
  • @garmin – their cycling computers are the cat’s meow.  I love my Garmin!
  • @ghincapie – All-American George.  He’s one of the heros of American cycling and has got a great line of cycling gear.
  • @iamtedking – a fellow Middlebury alum and self-described “pro ass bike racer”.  His blogs and tweets keep the humor in cycling.
  • @lancearmstrong –  well, because he’s Lance.  Whatever your feelings are about pro cycling, you have to admire the guy for what he’s done for the sport of cycling and the fight against cancer.
  • @lovingthebike – Darryl’s one of the most positive people you’ll ever meet and a great ride buddy.  Read his blog, follow his tweets and make sure you go to #bikeschool.
  • @ltcyclery – Jamie’s one of the best bike mechanics around and owner of super friendly Lake Travis Cyclery.   They’ll even pick your bike up and drop it off.
  • @mellowjohnnys – possibly one of the coolest bike shops around…you never know who’s gonna show up there.
  • @pablove – there’s nothing that will tug on your heart strings than kids with cancer.
  • @pablovejeff – this guy deserves your admiration for what he’s done with and for @pablove.  If you get a chance to ride with him, do it.
  • @pattidhill – Patti puts the fun in cycling.  Your rides will never be dull when she’s along.
  • @RoadID – don’t leave home without it!
  • @santabikes – don’t ever stop believing!  Somehow, I managed to get my all-time favorite cycling jersey in my size even though it’s been out of production for many years. I am a little concerned about his somewhat unhealthy obsession to get cycling chicks to sit on his lap.
  • @scratchex – a stud cyclist who’s got the most awesome bikes (some even autographed by Lance).  He’s also a phenomenal photographer and an all around good guy.  I always enjoy riding with him.
  • @skirt_1970 – how can you not love a Cajun cyclist who rides for the Austin Flyers.  I hope to see her out on the road in 2011.
  • @SonnyJohns – he has no issues showing up for an 80 mile road ride on his mountain bike and holding his own.  I hope to see him on the road again in 2011.
  • @StomachOfAnger – makers of fun gear that finds the humor in professional cycling.
  • @thegreenmamba – how do you not love the fact that they patrol one of the most popular cycling routes in Austin, clearing the shoulder and rescuing cyclists in distress? One of the friendliest bikes shops in Austin is Lake Travis Cyclery.  Definitely check out their value line of bikes.  They’re definitely keeping cycling affordable.
  • @T_Starry – a no-nonsense cycling advocate who also knows his beer.  Whatever you do, don’t hide his fritter 😉  I look forward to riding with him in 2011.
  • @trainright – I have much to learn from this cycling Jedi.  A great resource no matter what your training goals are.
  • @TrekBikes – I upgraded from my 13 year old Lemond (made by Trek) to my 2008 Madone 5 series.  What can I say, I love their bikes.  Great customer service, too!
  • @weiland – super stud cyclist (aka mountain goat:) and organizer of the most challenging 60 minutes in Austin cycling.  If you wanna test your cajones, show up under the Pennybacker bridge at lunchtime and see if you can keep up.  I look forward to more lessons in pain in 2011.

Who’s on your #FF list?


One response to “Final Follow Friday Shoutout for 2010

  1. I haven’t been able to get around to all my favorite cycling blogs too much lately, but I finally made it over here tonight. Sorry for the late response to this fantastic post, but thanks for including me in this great list of cycling tweeps.
    We really do belong to the best community in the world, don’t we?


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