Creative Thinking Saved My Week

Well, this week was an interesting week, especially with the time change.  On Monday I managed to sneak out after work in time for quick ride along one of my favorite routes along Lake Travis: Lime Creek Road.  I got eleven miles in and started hearing an awful clicking sound coming from the area of my bottom bracket.  Looking down I realized my crank set was wobbling enough to rub against my front derailleur.  I still had the big hill to climb so I knew I was done.

Not exactly the way I wanted to start out my week.  I was a bit down about the prospect of losing the use of my bike.  One of the downsides of owning my Trek Madone 5 series bike is that repairs usually involve ordering parts and waiting a while for them to arrive.  I called Bicycle Sportshop’s Parmer location based on advice from my friends at Lake Travis Cyclery and spoke to their service manager.  He said they could transfer some bottom bracket bearings in from their other store that day, so I dropped it by their store.  Later he called and asked if using a set of bearings from one of their new floor models would be ok because they weren’t able get a set up to their store.  I hadn’t really said anything to him about getting my bike back quickly, so I was pretty happy with  his creative solution.  Three hours later after I had dropped off my bike he called to say it was ready.  Suddenly my week was starting to look a lot better.  It seems a bit silly thinking about it now, but I was really surprised how the prospect of losing the use of my bike affected me even though I have my trusty backup ’97 Lemond Buenos Aires.  I guess I really love my Madone that much (wait, did I really just say that?).

I managed to sneak in another quick 20 mile ride to check out the repair.  My bike seemed to pedal smoother and my ride that day and the next were noticeably faster.  This made sense to me because the service manager who worked on my bike indicated that the crank set seemed a bit tight when he pulled it apart.  Over time, this caused the bearings to fail.  He recommended I keep an eye on how loose the crank set was over my next few rides and bring it in for an adjustment if needed.   Since I had a training session with Austin Cycle Camp today, my plan was to stop by after my ride and have him check it out.  Sure enough, there was the tiniest bit of looseness and he was able to get me in an out in under 10 minutes.  I really appreciated his explanation and willingness to come up with a creative way to get me back on the road.  It’s customer service like this that will help them develop loyal customers.  Their location is very convenient because it’s only 5 miles from my house and easily accessible on my bike.  They’re also right near a route I ride regularly, which is a nice bonus.  Now if they would only sweep debris off the side of the road on Ronald Reagan Blvd/Parmer Lane…there’s only one bike shop that goes that far and only one Green Mamba.


2 responses to “Creative Thinking Saved My Week

  1. Yeah, the peeps at Bicycle Sports are pretty good.

    Was wondering what would make your bottom bracket suddenly start to fail. I’ve seen a few over tightened at YBP. One was so tight the cage holding the bearings disintegrated into pieces. We had to replace the cups and the spindle.

    • It’s hard to say since I don’t have a complete history of the bike. I’d had a different Bicycle Sportshop location examine it back in June and declare it ok. Since then I’ve put another 2000 miles on it. The guy who worked on my bike last week seemed to know a lot more about my bike than the person who worked on mine in June, but then again, I’ve had a lot of issues at that other location 🙂

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