Favorite Fall Rides

Fall arrives a little later in Central Texas than other places in the country, but it’s finally here.  We had our first cold front that actually brought cold, dry air into our area.  This means the mornings can be quite chilly, but it usually warms up during the day.  It’s not unusual to have 30, 40 or even 50 degree temperature swings.  This also makes it a challenge to dress for cycling because you don’t want to be too cold, but you really don’t want to be wearing a lot of extra clothes or have to bring them with you on longer weekend rides.

Fall also means it’s time for one of my favorite rides, the Wurst Ride.  This ride starts in South Austin and takes you through Gruene into New Braunfels.  The Wurst Ride also coincides with Wurstfest, which is a celebration of sausage in New Braunfels, Texas.  New Braunfels is one of a few towns in Texas founded by German settlers back in the mid 1800s.    Another, Fredricksburg, was actually settled by one of my ancestors.   Like many organized bike rides, the Wurst Ride is also a benefit ride, but I think most folks come out because it ends  in a beer garden where they serve you never ending sausage, brats and beer.  They also have some pretty good live music and it’s fun to catch up with friends on the ride.  Somehow, I never make it to Wurstfest even though I got a ticket in my packet.  Next year I plan to spend the night and actually go to the festival.  My friends who have gone describe a party that sounds a lot like Octoberfest in southern Germany.  I still had a great time and the weather was perfect.

Today I decided to ride from my house out to a tiny town called Andice.  There’s not a lot to Andice except for the Andice General Store.  This store also cooks a mean burger, or so I’m told.  Inside is a rustic atmosphere that matches the exterior facade.  The ride out to Andice is enjoyable as well.  You have nice wide shoulders where you can easily ride side-by-side with a fellow rider.  The route gets quite scenic as well once you get past FM 2243.   The weather was much like yesterday.  I waited until 9:30 and by then the temperature had already risen to the mid 50s.

Next weekend is Tour Das Hugel.  I think I’m going to give it a try but I’m still not sure I will make it.


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