Your (really) friendly neighborhood bike shop

So you might have read what I wrote about one of my pet peeves.  Well, today I experienced the other end of the spectrum.  Today’s ride started out a little cold even though we’d pushed our start time back by an hour and ended up waiting for one of our ride buddies who got caught in the traffic backup caused by the tanker truck fire on Hwy 183 earlier today.  The plan was to do the Dam Loop starting out at the Arboretum.  Normally, we stop at a Texaco station across from Lake Travis High School because they are always friendly and you get a spectacular view to enjoy while you’re scarfing down an energy bar.

Today, I recommended we stop by Lake Travis Cyclery because they had promised a taste of their Belgian ale.   I learned about this on the #bikeschool tweet chat that happens every Thursday evening at 9 PM EST.  Now I can tell #bikeschool professors Loving the Bike, Bikerly and Old Singlespeed that I actually learned something, but that’s another matter entirely.  Back to the guys at Lake Travis Cyclery.  We pulled up and they told us to just bring our bikes inside and park them there.

We introduced ourselves and quickly started chatting.  The Dam Loop is a very popular bike route in Austin and you’ll always see lots of cyclists out riding, especially on days like today where we started at about 50 degrees, but quickly warmed up into the 70s.  One of the things the guys at Lake Travis Cyclery do is offer free water to any cyclist who rides by.  But wait, it gets better.  They have a shop van, the Green Mamba, that they use to provide SAG support for any cyclist riding the Dam Loop.  Sometimes they’ll even set up shop in the Green Mamba just south of Westlake Drive on Loop 360 for anyone needing a repair.  How awesome is that?  As a cyclist, I really appreciate having a local bike shop that supports our sport the way these guys do.  Not only do they provide service, but they bring the service to you.

While we were there, John offered us a taste of the Belgian ale he had brewed himself.   Boy, was it tasty!  Eying the couches and big screen TV they had in the back of the shop, I immediately began thinking of ideas about how I could bring some food back and spend the rest of the afternoon watching football or something on their TV.  Maybe if bring them some Rudy’s or something they’ll offer me some more of that killer beer?

Any way, it’s going to be a regular stop whenever I do the Dam Loop from now on and I encourage you to make it yours as well.  One last thing, if you let them service your bike, they will actually come pick it up in the Green Mamba.  So go on, stop by and say hello.  You’ll probably end up staying a while longer than you planned, but you’ll be glad you did.


4 responses to “Your (really) friendly neighborhood bike shop

  1. I’m so glad you found them….they are officially my favorite bike shop in the world. Jamie, John, and the rest of the staff are the greatest and I am so impressed by everything they offer and what they plan to offer in the future.

    I love these guys,


  2. Great post. I’m definitely heading out to see their shop. Never seen their van, I’ll have to look next time I ride.

    • Tim, I’m glad you read this post, I thought of you immediately when we stopped there and they offered us beer. Hope to see you out on the road soon. Heal fast, my friend!

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