Tire Review – Vredenstein Fortezza TriComp

I’ve been thinking about posting this review for a while now, but never got around to it.  I’ve been riding on Vredenstein tires for about 13 years now, pretty much ever since I shredded the set of Continentals that came with my Lemond Buenos Aires.  As a heavier rider, I was looking for some tires that would hold more pressure than the standard tires so I inquired at my local bike shop and the person I spoke with suggested the Vredenstein Fortezza tires because they would handle 140 PSI.

What surprised me about these tires was that even pumped up to 140 PSI, they were still smoother riding than the Continentals they replaced.  These tires were also fold-able tires, so they are easier to get on the rims than tires with wire beads.  The also had a lower rolling resistance, so they felt faster as well.  The Fortezza TriComps are a step up from the Fortezzas, handling pressure up to 160 PSI without sacrificing the smooth ride.  They’re extremely grippy and handle extremely well with an overall rolling resistance that’s even lower than the Fortezzas.  I get about 2500-3000 miles on a set, so they are fairly durable.  When purchased my first pair of Fortezzas, they were about $30.  Recently, I’ve been able to find the Fortezza TriComps for about $30 at my local Performance Bike store.  At that price, they’re a great value.

So, if you’re looking for a smooth riding tire with low rolling resistance, I highly recommend you try the Vredenstein Fortezza TriComps.  You won’t be disappointed.


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