The power of social networking

I posted a question to my facebook friends asking if I could get enough support between now and the end of next week to qualify for the LIVESTRONG challenge.  Based on the overwhelmingly positive response I got, I signed up for the 90 mile route.  A few of my friends are doing this route and I’m looking forward to riding for a good cause.  It makes you appreciate the opportunity to get out and ride.  I always feel better when someone else benefits from my efforts.  At the time of this posting I’m a bit over half way to my fundraising goals thanks to my awesome friends.

My life has been touched by cancer in a few different ways.  While I was still in high school, my mom actually did cancer research at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories.   When my youngest son was just a year old he had to be hospitalized with pneumonia.  He ended up on a wing of Brackenridge with many young cancer patients.  My wife and I were deeply moved by this experience. When Lance was first diagnosed with cancer, a group of my friends and I rode the first Ride for the Roses.  Within the last 12 years, two people very dear to me succumbed to this disease.  It was very difficult to watch them suffer.

So, here’s your chance to help fight this terrible disease.  Lots of progress has already been made, but there’s still work to do.  If you can, please help out by donating whatever you’re comfortable with here.  There’s also a link on the right hand side of this screen.  Thanks for reading this and following my blog.


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