I had a date after work today…

I had to decline Darryl’s (Loving the Bike) invitation to ride because I had a date to ride after work with my wife.  The weather was perfect once again and a little warmer than last time.  Today we rode around the neighborhoods in our town so we could avoid the busy streets at rush hour.  Some of my normal routes get quite narrow and I didn’t want to put too much stress on my new riding enthusiast.  Once again, we took it slow at her pace.

Today, I had her pay closer attention to her heart rate so that she could regulate her effort a bit more and not tire so quickly.  We even tackled a couple of minor hills and her observation was that her heart rate was lower overall.  She was really surprised to find out that we actually averaged almost 2Mph faster than our last outing even though we had more hills.

We managed a little over 10 miles in about an hour, including stops.  I can see her confidence building with each pedal stroke.  She tried a different saddle from one of my other bikes today and hopefully it will alleviate some of the saddle soreness she experience a few days ago.  This saddle is a bit narrower and has a center cut-out, so it flexes a bit more.  I have the same saddle on my old Lemond Buenos Aires and found it to be a very comfortable seat over long distances.

I have a big ride coming up  this weekend where I’m planning on doing 100 miles in one day.   If I’m lucky, maybe I can score another date tomorrow!  Wish me luck.


3 responses to “I had a date after work today…

  1. Sounds amazing!! How recent did you get her riding? Any pointers on how to get my wife on the bike? I found and repaired a sweet older cruiser for her. She says she will try it one night after dark but I have not been able to get her out there yet… A family ride would be great!!!

    • We just started this weekend (see my post entitled The maiden voyage). Found a decent bike on craigslist that was the right size. As for getting her interested in riding…well, I’ve been dragging her to organized rides where there’s a party at the end. She shows up for the party and we hang out with my riding buddies, who are a lot of fun. They’ve all encouraged her to try it and eventually she committed to doing it. I’m trying to make it as fun as possible. Remember to let her set the pace and you have to have fun with it. You can always get your workouts on your own.

  2. Hey, no problem at all….getting out there with your Wife is far more important. I’m proud of you for getting out there and encouraging and helping her get started.

    I was actually thinking about you while on my ride today and wondering if you would be blogging about your ride with her today.

    This is so exciting….for both of you.


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