Somebody pinch me!

It’s days like yesterday that makes me really appreciate where I live.  After riding this summer in some pretty hot weather, yesterday’s temperatures were a welcome relief.  Our first cold front (well, it’s really a cool front) arrived a little over a week ago and brought with it cooler weather.  We got another one later in the week and for the last several days we’ve had high temperatures in the 70s along with lots of sunshine.  Even the humidity is down quite a bit.

sunsetI couldn’t resist riding, so I headed out at lunch for a quick 20 mile jaunt along Loop 360.  I like this route because it’s pretty safe, with the exception of a couple of on/off ramps near an overpass.  The shoulders are very wide and there are lots of cyclists.  It’s also a fairly hilly route so I can work on my climbing.  The weather really pumped me up and I was feeling pretty good, so I had the hammer down.  My overall time was better than previous rides and when I checked my average it was over 1 Mph faster than ever before.

The weather report for the rest of the week is for more of the same, so I’m already trying to find an hour or so here and there to ride.  Even though we have weather like this about 6-8 months out of the year, I still feel like I have to take advantage every chance I get.  I’m really looking forward to the Outlaw Trail 100 this weekend.  I’m planning on doing the 100 mile route and if the weather’s anything like it was yesterday, it’s going to be a glorious day on the bike.  I’ll have to remember to stop and take some pictures.


3 responses to “Somebody pinch me!

  1. Yes, the weather has been absolutely perfect hasn’t it? Glad to hear that you’re enjoying it as much as I am.

    Good luck this weekend at the Outlaw. Let’s try and hook up for a ride next week.


  2. This weather has been awesome. I missed most of last week (another stupid injury) but I intend to make the most of this while it lasts.

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