What gets me up for riding

It’s fall here in Austin, Texas and the weather couldn’t be better: dry, sunny and anywhere between 65 and 85 degrees.  Just perfect.  As usual, I was jamming to my favorite playlist on my iPod this song came on:

Now you may not be a big fan of Nastasha Bedingfield, but the lyrics in this song pretty much describe what riding is for me: a sweet escape and my pocket full of sunshine.  Especially on days like today and pretty much the whole week.

Other iPod favorites that really get me going are the fastest 2 minutes in Rock n’ Roll (i.e., the Ramones), Fort Minor’s Remember the Name, any Doors song and pretty much anything by Linkin Park.  I like a lot of other music, too.  Sometimes it’s Reggae, other times its Blues.  Good thing I live in Austin where you can find pretty much anything to suit your tastes.

What gets you pumped up for riding?


One response to “What gets me up for riding

  1. I’d say it’s the chance to go to a new place and see something new. Another thing is the challenge of beating a personal best.

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